Safety as a core value

Dovrat Raanana place the safety and security of our passengers at the utmost importance. The company invests considerable resources and efforts in the safety and security of passengers and company drivers and does not compromise on these matters.

Dovrat Ra'anana employs a safety officer who is responsible for the reception and training processes of new drivers. Prior to hiring in our company, the drivers undergo a series of rigorous examinations including investigation of the history of traffic offenses, examination of recommendations from previous employers, a practical driving test, and obtaining all required employment permits such as permits for absence of sexual offenses. In addition, the safety officer of Dovrat Ra'anana continuously supervises the performance and professional level of all the company's drivers throughout the period of their employment with the company.

The safety officer is also responsible for the high level of maintenance of the entire vehicle fleet of the company. Dovrat Ra'anana uses state-of-the-art safe and innovative vehicles that are equipped with all possible safety measures including: safety belts, satellite detection systems, child forgetfulness prevention systems, automatic fire extinguishing systems, Mobileye and vehicle safety monitoring systems.

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Dovrat Ra'anana invests considerable resources in innovation and technology, with the belief that progress in this path brings added value both in the field of safety and in service and customer experience. The company has an internal communications system with national coverage, in addition to advanced detection, management and control systems, which include GPS detection systems and real-time control and surveillance systems that provide the ability to control its vehicles at any time and place. A fleet management system, advanced tools for troubleshooting and problem solving before they occur. Advanced communication systems for monitoring the drivers driving behavior.

Go Green

Dovrat Raanana is committed to protecting the environment and reducing air pollutants. Dovrat Raanana is meticulous in protecting the environment and operates a fleet of vehicles that comply with the most stringent European standards relating to the emission of pollutants - Euro 5 and Euro 6. Environment is also an important factor in the trips planning for our customers, with the intention of reducing the number of vehicles performing the transits and using the alternative of vehicles with larger capacity for the shortest route.

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