Our Company

Dovrat Ra'anana has been dedicated to the values that it operates in: service and personal attention, safety, reliability and professionalism. We believe that every ride or trip is unique and requires solutions tailored to each customer's needs. At Dovrat Ra'anana we are committed to providing our customers with the highest level of service and safety. Whether it is an institutional, business or private trip, our goal is to provide safe and comprehensive transportation solution with personal service and knowledge from the best experts in the field.

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Our Story

Dovrat Raanana was established in 1980 and it is one of the most experience companies in the transportation services in Israel. The knowledge and capabilities accumulated by the company during its 40 years of operation have brought it vast reputation and a loyal clientele. The extensive experience accumulated enables the company to provide diversified transportation solutions tailor made for each client needs.

Dovrat Raanana is managed by experienced, Qualified and professional personnel. The company operates under the supervision of a Traffic Safety Officer, which supervise the daily operation and the company’s fleet of vehicles. The company also operates under the strictest standards in the industry, including ISO-9301 – Safety and Quality Mgmt of Transportation. Our clients and employees safety is a core value for Dovrat, as a result we are constantly in search for additional ways to improve efficiency and continue to improve the high level of safety provided to the customer.

Our clientele is diverse and includes government ministries, embassies, youth movements, defense industries, municipalities and local councils, universities and educational institutions, industrial and high-tech enterprises, travel agencies, event production companies and more, where each customer has his own characteristics and specific needs and requirement that are appropriate for him.

We at Dovrat Ra'anana believe in personal contact with our clientele, most of whom have used the company's services for many years and the number of old and returning customers is unprecedented. Customer loyalty shows that our adherence to values leads to results. The values of the company signed by the managers and employees lead to continuous activity, striving constantly for quality, availability, security and to the satisfaction of our customers.

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